The Kid

Another random poem.. I wanted to translate and share.

* A kid leaving a city and moving to a different place. Leaving by a car called the "hawk" in the poem.

The Kid

A morning in the past, burnt-out lights,
Sun, touching, lightens the streets.
Whilst the people of city were thinking it was for them,
The sun was just smiling at a pair of eyes, passing beyond the roofs..

The dance of the clouds are being fed with the goodbye,
Such a shame to leave a city like that..
A kid, wiping the rear glass, watches for the last time..

The mortal-sighted eyes, fall for the sun, can't "see" the darkness,
Can see, but can't "know", a little heart-eye; whilst his gift was getting off by the shadows..

The kid, meets that moment in excitement and fear..
The excitement; a new life and game friends,
Adorns the dream of the traveller,
His heart gonna blow up !
Stop that ! Fresh toy smelling brilliance..

And leaving the familiar faces behind,
Passing the child-conquered places street by street..
Whilst loosing the child-memories,
The lined-up buildings of the city get smaller and smaller..

The FEAR !
What breaks the peace of that childish morning..
The laughters of the sun echoing cruelly,
Whilst the name of the "emerald-eye girl" was being called with the goodbye..
The army of the darkness,
Drawning the "rear-seat world" into sorrow..

The hawk that the pigeons see-off,
whilst flying far away, a voice moans;
"Kiddo ! Feel it ! My gift to you ! Never forget, else you ll get damned !"

The kiddo grows up, but;
It never shuts up, lasts always..

Fall, 2008.

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