Ubuntu and High CPU Temperature : Solution

There is a common problem with some laptop owners  with Ubuntu OS installed on their laptops to have high CPU heat issues. Especially after heavy load of applications running (especially 3D/Multimedia/Webcam applications), CPU temperature may rise through 70-80 celcius degrees. And that is a real dangerous and critical situation for hardware health.  Dynamic CPU function at Ubuntu or the lack of hardware driver support that manufacturers share for Linux is causing that issue according to talks at Ubuntu Community Forums.

There are lots of complains about that situation and most of em were reported to Ubuntu developers but unfortunately yet Ubuntu has not shared any fix against that. Fortunately there is a solution for that.

Well this does not guarantee solving your heat issues but at least this solution worked for a lot of users (check Ubuntu community forums).

First of all be sure about that your laptop fans and components are cleaned because most of the cpu heat issues are related with that. 

If you think that Ubuntu is the reason that causes the problem then you can try this solution. It worked for my Dell Inspiron N5010 laptop.

1) To monitor you cpu and other other components, install lm-sensors;
Open the terminal.

sudo apt-get install lm-sensors
After that ;
and type Y to all questions, so it is going to install some modules to your kernel.

By typing sensors you can monitor your components.

2) Instal six important modules to fix your heat issue;

Open the terminal.
sudo gedit /etc/modules
Then add those lines save the editor and close;
#added to fix heat issue

3) Restart Ubuntu and check the temperature values again by sensors command.

4) Try updating your hardware drivers. (Especially graphics card drivers)

If this does not solve your problem, avoid using Ubuntu till a solution for that appears. Because it may cause unfixable damages to your hardware.


Ubuntu Community Forums
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