1984 by George Orwell

Novel by George Orwell, published in 1949 as a warning about the menaces of totalitarianism. The novel is set in an imaginary future world that is dominated by three perpetually warring totalitarian police states. The book's hero, Winston Smith, is a minor party functionary in one of these states. His longing for truth and decency leads him to secretly rebel against the government. Smith has a love affair with a like-minded woman, but they are both arrested by the Thought Police. The ensuing imprisonment, torture, and reeducation of Smith are intended not merely to break him physically or make him submit but to root out his independent mental existence and his spiritual dignity. Orwell's warning of the dangers of totalitarianism made a deep impression on his contemporaries and upon subsequent readers, and the book's title and many of its coinages, such as NEWSPEAK, became bywords for modern political abuses.

 I did read the Animal Farm years ago, and for a long while I had aim to read George Orwell books as much as I can. Unfortunatelly, I just could not read any of them except the Animal Farm. My mistake.. But finally I could read the most spoken Orwell book 1984 in my army days. 1984 written in 1949, is a real impressive book with extra surprising true foresights of the our day's time. I am also planning to watch the British maden movie of the book nowadays. I can highly recommend you to read it if you have not done before.

 1984 - George Orwell

I am going to share my opinions about the 1984 movie after watching it.

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