"Finally, time to say goodbye"

A random poem I found in one of the old notebooks. I wanted to translate and share.

Finally, time to say goodbye

Finally, time to say goodbye, I leave..
My skin makes love with the sorrow,
I bath with the misery, I wear the mourning..
Engaged with the loneliness,
Being confidant with the shadows, I leave..

Finally, time to say goodbye, I leave..
Without a sign behind, sudden and silent.
Proudly, without hesitation; I bear the poverty..
No sin, no blame behind,
Without gratefullness to the scarlet, I leave..

Finally, time to say goodbye, I leave..
The rains at the lonely, gloomy streets see off me,
The lost people of the lonely city are my farewells,
I hail the ruined buildings,
The street dogs are my longing,
A seagull, my outcry,
My complaint blends into the clouds,
Becomes the thunder and roars, my hatret.
I don't even drop a tear,
My lungs breath the smoke, so I sigh..
Poorness is my suitcase,
I hug the night,
I leave without a coin..

The goodbye time is the judas, I leave..
My loneliness kowtows the abroad,
My heart gets the distants as love,
Girding on the desolation, I leave..
Noone sees, noone hears,
My breath flows through the unknown,
I don't mind this was the how manyth ended spring..
Let the world collapse, the dawn run out, the sluts wail,
I don't mind, I don't halt, no piece of dust or smoke behind,
It is the last goodbye; Becoming the "vanished", I leave.. 

Fall, 2008.

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