Story of an Aid - Belarus/Chernobyl

Whilst looking for a documentary at Youtube, surprisingly I came up with an amateur documentary serie about an international aid program after Chernobyl Disaster. As you know, a while ago I have also started to share my posts about the disaster in my blog. Even I have started to write a little stories serie about Chernobyl. So I beleive I have to share that documentary here.

First of all, I want to talk about the aid program. It is a long termed Canadian aid for the people of conteminated zones in Chernobyl. Just after the disaster, a lot of countries shared their help touches on the victims. A few countries arranged long termed aid programs. Canada took the Belarus part of the international aid programs. That program has been coordinated by Eric Meckenzie.I came up with the documentary in his Youtube page.

The documentary starts by the arrival of them to Minsk, Belarus in 2006. Delivery of the aid to hospital, orphanage and poor people in the area of Belarus most affected by the Chernobyl disaster. 

Belarus is the last and the only one country who has a closed up goverment system after the end of USSR. So it was much more interesting to see how Belarus' poor parts looking like in an amateur documentary. It was so sad to withness the existence of real poor people who needs aids. But I am sure it is appreciated that Mckenzie and his team not only brought aids but also brought hopes to those people as well.

This documentary is a proof on the importance of international aids and world wide support for eachother. Every year the world facing with the serious disasters ; Huricanes, earthquakes, floods, chemical disasters..etc To be able to stay on foot, we should help eachother. For example; the last flood in Pakistan killed lots of people, destroyed the homes, the roads, hospitals..etc People are hungry, homeless and have no water to drink. Even a little personal touch can save the lives of a lot of people. The materials or the possibilities that have less meaning for you might be urgent needs for some people in this world.

You can start watching the documentary here ;
(12 Parts)

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