Animal Rights and the Murder of a Cat

The city, through the morning.. The weather has gone colder unexpectedly and eagerly winter has came without waiting for the fall. There is frost outside and I am so cold.. As others, I was borned in the middle of wild city life too. Lots of people, vehicles and buildings around.. Many of us can not achieve to survive. I count myself lucky; with the help of a market owner and a few people in neighbourhood, I can feed myself. Also I found a little box, I call that house. But it gets harder to live in that box day by day. It is very cold inside and I am freezing. I also worry about what will happen to me when heavy rains and storms come in the future. God! On the other hand, that hunger makes my stomach grumble..

Oh what is that !? I hear voices.. It seems a few people passing through the street. I wonder if they would give me food, if I show myself. Anyway.. Does not worth to risk. Also I can smell, there should be a dog with them.. Better I wiggle and behave as if I am not in this box..

A street cat lived those till that moment. His box where he tries to live hardly, and saves him from the cold abit, started to get kicked. And also that dog was barking to the box violently. That scared him more. He was surprised and made nothing of those. He sensed anger and hatret by famous cat senses. But why ? He could not solve the reason of all those. He was a little, desperate street cat. What could have he done to those people ? As long as the box has been kicked, it got dispersed and he was getting shaked inside. He lost his consciousness for a few seconds. Then those human wastes started to kick him. He got irritated by a sharp pain and came to himself. He was going to run away but could not move. His rib should have been broken, he got furious and decided to fight. So he got his nails out of his little paws and in pain he tried to hiss against them. He thought whether he could challange abit, they might get scared and go away. But it was vain.. How could he struggle against those people with his little, weak body ? The kicks never stopped.. They kept kicking one by one. He totally lost his consciousness. His eyes were squint and his mum was welcoming him behind a light beam. He has longed for the love of his mother alot since she died under a car a while ago.  And he got the finisher one.. His head got smashed  by a hammer-like kick.. The endless tinnitus and darkness.. He died..

 I got inspired to write this little story by a "murder of a little street cat" that has appeared in the news in Turkey recently. This barbaric event took attention and reactions after media had shared that. Five drunk (I guess they were drugged) university students and a pitbull dog that belongs to one of them, murdered that poor cat who was just trying to survive against freezing cold and hunger, in a little box at the corner of a market.. Cops arrested the killers with the help of security cameras in the street. But unfortunately those killers just paid 300$ and got released. And that release caused a national reaction; people, Animal Rights activists, some associations organized a lot of campaigns and protests. 

The university that one of the killers studies, canceled his record in university. The Ministry of Environment detained that killer's pitbull dog. And people created internet websites, facebook groups..etc against the killer. Even a popular website shared the killer's name/sirname and adress. As I heard some angry people found the killer and attacked him.

Unfortunately, when laws are not fair and justice enough, people try to punish the killers with their own methods. Animal Rights Law in Turkey and many countries, is not enough and not sharp against those kind of psychos.That poor cat's tragic murder was just one of the manies. People and activists showed reaction against that but what about the other ones ?  That is why laws should get enriched and sharpened. People should get educated about Animal Rights and the Right of Living.

 Do you have any idea about Animal Rights ?

Animal rights, also referred to as animal liberation, is the idea that the most basic interests of non-human animals should be afforded the same consideration as the similar interests of human beings.Advocates approach the issue from different philosophical positions, but agree that animals should be viewed as non-human persons and members of the moral community, and should not be used as food, clothing, research subjects, or entertainment.They argue that human beings should stop seeing other sentient beings as property—not even as property to be treated kindly.
I call everybody to support the local and international animal rights defender activists and organizations. That is how we can push pressure on our goverments about the nature and animals.

Have you ever visited PETA' s website ? (

Take action ! Join or support the local activists and organizations in your countries. Do not keep silent about the murder of poor animals. As long as you keep silent, you will just be a part of those criminals !

* I am going to share more posts about Animal Rights in my blog soon.

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