I Just Wanna Be Okey, I Just Wanna Feel Okey

Tonight while eating dinner, I were also watching TV. And I came across Ingrid Michaelson' s "Be Ok" song in new Opel Meriva commercial. I loved this song. It has cool lyrics and cheerful tune. Before I just knew a few songs of Michaelson from Everybody album (2009). And I got surprised when I learned that "Be Ok" song was in her 2008 album which was titled same with name of that song.  I do not know how come I did not hear that song or did not listen to the old album before, but I really loved it. I decided to listen to all songs in her 2008 album.

Her "Be Ok" album cover

Well, here I want to share the song with the readers who have not listened it before /or who may wish to listen it again. And the lyrics, as well. 

I love her voice by the way

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