Reviving the Memories

We, all leave good and bad moments behind whenever the time passes. And sometimes we have an itch to go back to the past and relive those good moments. Actually, that usually happens to me. It seems I had a lot of good moments in my past. Or nowadays I do not have good times enough so I miss my old days.. Anyway.. Let's go back to the topic ;

Sometimes NTV - a Turkish media giant - website catching real cool and original galeries  around and they share those with the readers. And one of those galleries is the inspiration of this topic. A few people relived the moments in their old pictures. To confess; that was one of my wishes whenever I watch my old pictures, the childhood ones especially.  I would wish to come together with old childhood friends, relatives..etc and get the same  frames of old pics taken again. 

I loved it, breathed the air of nostalgia and envied alot while watching those pictures. So I wanted to share that gallery in my blog. First I am going to share a few pictures and then I will give you the link of that gallery, where you can watch all pictures.

I envied this picture alot

Old, good new year celebration nights..

Old man still seems young

This made me laugh much

You can reach all other pictures on NTV link;
(* Page is in Turkish, but just click on the numbers (for each picture) from 1 to 30)
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