" Oh Sweet People ! "

The Eurovision Song Contest 2010 was the 55th annual Eurovision Song Contest, maden in Oslo, Norway. The  winner was Germany with Lena singing "Satellite". But in my opinion, there was a song which deserved to win more than Germany's song. At least that song should have been placed in first three. Nevertheless, it achieved to share its main message and stay in the minds of the -a lot of- watchers. 

"Sweet People" was the Ukrainian Eurovision 2010 Song Contest entry.  It was written and performed by Alyosha. Ukraine performed in the 2nd semi-finalist on May 27, 2010, where it progressed to the final. In the final  unfortunately Alyosha finished 10th with 108 points. But who cares; Eurovision is a song contest for populist songs and singers. Not so logical to expect people vote for the songs which have intellectual vision, in Eurovision song contest. Also everybody knows; politics, some lobbies, number of the neighbours/ and friends that the participant countries have matter more to pick the winner.

In her song, Alyosha has been the voice of the Mother Nature. As an appeal to mankind, Alyosha rails against the humen killing the nature. Alyosha has a great voice and talent as well as her pretty soul and mind. I highly recommend you to listen to her other songs also as well.
The singer ALyosha, who was born on May 14th, 1986, in 2,5 weeks after the Chernobyl disaster, has always believed in the transformative power of music. When politicians fail to deliver on their promises, it is the artists, actors, film-makers and other representatives of the world of show business who can and should use their popularity and talent to promote socially important causes.
         (* You should check her official page. )

The Men Who Saved The World

As you know, I have started to write a story serie titled as "The Men Who Saved The World" about Chernobyl disaster, in my blog. I think this song fits my story serie so I wanted to share a post about this song after my previous Chernobyl post. 

Deeper to the lyrics

I want to share and talk about the lyrics some before posting the video clip of the song.  

First of all, the lyrics have a deeper tone, great sense of environment -aware and a dramatic face. Once more, I have to inform you about that the song was written by Alyosha herself. In her song ;
Alyosha appealing ;  " You have killed the nature. Why ? This is your home.. ". And warns ; "The End is coming closer, do not turn the earth into stone."
 The message is so clear actually, but as I wrote in my "The Red Death from Hungary" topic before;

"Although humanity has faced lots of serious disasters, we have never gone better about saving the nature and keeping our lands clean."

Well, you Sweet People !  I hope you can hear the scream in Alyosha's song. Here is the lyrics ;
Oh sweet people what have we done?
Tell me what is happening for all that we've built
Tumbles and is gone
Oh, sweet people have you no love for mankind?
Must you go on killin, just to pass the time.

The message is so true, the end is really near
All these feelings take me down
It steals the things so dear
Yes, the message is so true
Don't turn all the earth to stone
Because, because, because
This is your home

Oh sweet people what about our children?
In theaters and video games
They watch what we send to ruin
Oh sweet people what senseless game
Have we all been playing?
No one but you to blame?

The message is so true the end is really near
All these feelings take me down
It steals the things so dear
Yes, the message is so true
Don't turn all the earth to stone
Because, because, because
This is your home

This is our home
The video clip

The official videoclip of "Sweet People" was filmed in the abandoned city of Prypiat, where in 1986 exploded the reactor of Chernobyl. Together, was announced a sustainability-friendly programme called Ecovision. I have to say the video clip is just; Impressive ! Well, here it is ;

* You can start my story serie, "The Men Who Saved the World" by clicking here.

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http://www.alyoshamission.com/ (Alyosha's official page)

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