I' m a Virgin Blogger ! (Criticisms)

I have been blogging for a few days and I started to publish my web site a little time ago. And to be honest although I had plans to publish a personal web site since 2006, I have published it surprisingly in an unexpected time.  I have just started it.. Here you can read my first post about the DNAs and  my future plans about this blog.

To confess; I am a newbie at blogging. And I know there are lots of works to be done in my blog and website (at least I have future plans about this). Still I try to get friendly with it and keep learning about Blogger (that hosts and brings my posts to you) system.

For now, I am happy with the ratings of my blog. At least I do not need to read my own posts alone (lol). And I thank to all my blog readers and friends for sharing their times to read my posts or follow my blog. I hope I can bring this blog to a useful place that can satisfy the readers.
I am aware of the problems at the moment and what I should improve soon. Here I want to critise my own blog and share what is going to be done soon.

1- Categorization and menu system : I know the blog looks messed at the moment. And includes posts about various topics. I am going to bring a categorization system and a useful menu to make it easier to find the topics readers looking for.

2- Better and enriched template : There is a temporary template (apperiance and design of the web site) that the web site has, at the moment. And I am going to try to make it better. Also there will be more widgets (the useful ones) soon.

3-  Better language : I know I have lots of mistakes with English (Grammar, words, wrong formats..etc). And in my first post in this blog, I mentioned that I may have mistakes about that. Well, my native language is not English and I have less chance to speak English per day. Also whenever I speak English, I do it in daily speech mood so I know I have a lot of stuffs to improve myself about the literal/formal side of the language. I try to be careful but in my next posts I am going to be more sensetive about that.
Already, I am so sorry again for my mistakes. I am going to fix this by time. Please do not hesitate to criticize and share the mistakes you catch, with me. 

4- More posts, more topics : I am going to post and share as much as I can whenever I have time. I have limited time but I try to keep posting.

5- Interesting, useful topics : Well, The topics exist in the blog at the moment, may be boring for some blog readers. I am going to try enlarging the scale of the topics about that.

6- Comments  :  Maybe you have realised that "comment feature" is closed in my blog so you can not comment about my posts at the moment. Soon, I am going to enable the commenting panel under each post so you can comment about anything about the posts there.

If you have any criticisms or suggestions, please do not hesitate to share with me.
Thank you.
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