The Blessed First Post ! The DNAs of a Blog

"Every person has something to share and so  they should share  ! "

The Geek Perspective :)
Hello ! Welcome to my personal blog/website.
Been a long while, I have been planning to publish a personal website - I got my domain address in 2006 ‘tut tut tut !’ - but unfortunately could not have time to build and publish it before.

(* By the way, neither me nor this website has no relation with

Finally - four years later (lol) - i decided to get a Blogger account and attach it to my domain name ( . Better than keeping the domain free, at least now i have a chance to share some stuffs here. Well, I am going to post&share @Blogger till i can code and build my own website sceleton.


The Language Matters
I am planning to share my posts in English (for my non-Turkish friends and blog readers - already sorry for possible English mistakes. If you can warn me about the mistakes you catch; i would be appreciated ) and Turkish. Of course it is hard to translate each post so some posts may be in Turkish and some in English. By time, I can split the posts into English/Turkish categories/or tags if it gets messed. To be honest, I have no idea how to deal with this yet. So we are going to see by time.
So what is this website/blog all about ?
This blog is ‘something’ about ‘anything’ ;

So I will (try to) share the posts about lots of topics including ; the social subjects, science, literature, poetry, books, movies, technical engineering stuffs..etc ..etc

I have no aim just to focus on technical subjects as other nerd computer/engineer guys (lol) doing in their own personal blogs or websites.

Been so classic, ain’t it ?

So to sum up ; Whatever gets flashed in my world, will get flashed in this website/blog (God ! that was so poetic !) .

But why the hell you have a blog/website ? Are you a God damn celebrity or something ?
(* Well, unfortunately still some people have some prejudgments about this. )
No, my dearest. We all have been living in 2010 the technology and internet era; having our cell phones, mail addresses, aim accounts..etc and most of us have websites/blogs, as well.

And as i quoted in the beginning of this post, all people have something to share with others and they should share. So websites, blogs – the internet is a real simple way to achieve that.

Meaningless enough !!!
I do not care how many visitors/readers I and this website ( can have. Even sometimes, myself I may be the only one who reads my posts but does not matter.
And so, as all other personal blogs, this blog is just for sharing and feeding some personal egos. But moreover; i hope this website/blog makes it easier for me to share, create a personal portal and can help/or give useful advises /impressions to some people about anything .

Last but not the least
For now, I am going to try enriching the contents of the recent website @Blogger (whenever i have free time for this) and start making the development plans of upcoming website skeleton.

Taking time to code and develop a dynamic website skeleton of a content management system so I hope I can complete it as soon as possible before joining the military in December, 2010.

Well yes, I join the army soon but not a cyber one. lol

Feel free to contact

You can contact with me @Social Media(please check the “About” section) or by my mail address anytime. Please feel free to criticise ( anything) and do not hesitate to contact with me.

Thank you,

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