"The Desolation"

I want to share my poems, stories and other writings in my blog. This poem is the first share. It is a little chapter from my storial poetry serie, The Darkness and the Rose; "Shadows, My Confidant". Soon I am going to try sharing my writings better organized than sharing randomly. 

Originally all of those personal writings (my poems, stories..etc) were written in Turkish but i tried to translate them to English as better as I can. But I can not say I have a good literal English talent (at least yet). As you can know or guess, poem translation is a risky and hard work, there is risk to kill the meaning, structure and the tune of the original poem. I tried not to break the structure, flow and tune of the poems, I hope I could succeed that abit.. Part 1, Chapter 7..

The Darkness and the Rose
"Shadows, My Confidant"
   Part I : The Fallen
      Chapter 7 : The Desolation

The Desolation

And whilst the shadows are reviving,
Memories thrill from the past, they are just yelling.

Smile and the world smiles with you,
Cry and the universes get quiet suddenly.
Seeking for someone left; but who !?
Just see; you are abandened. And lonely..

No more.. You are where all came to an end,
A desert.. There is only you who stayed..

Listen to the silence; The carnaval of the "soul aridness",
The shadows are dancing, singing the tune of loneliness..

Desperation of the "Dead Vision"..
Even dogs are going to laugh at that desolation..

Fall, 2009.

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