Calibre - A Great E-Book Management Software

In last years, e-books have been popular, many people prefer to read e-books than having hardcover books. Because e-books are cheaper or free, easy to find, you can read at your pc, laptops, cell phones, ipad, various e-book readers..etc There is an huge variety of e-books online.

Many of us has a lot of e-books in our harddisks, usb disks, dvds..etc But usually it is totally hard to manage our e-book archieves. Thankfully, Calibre is the best option to handle with e-book archieve management problem. And it is free..
I have discovered this excellent software in a computer forum. I installed it and added a few of my e-books and I got totally impressed. 

Calibre is the best e-book management software

Before I had tried a few e-book/ book management/ archieving softwares but I could not get satisfied. Calibre is great, bringing a lot features and it is going to satisfy all your needs. 

Calibre is a free and open source e-book library management application developed by users of e-books for users of e-books. It has a cornucopia of features divided into the following main categories:
  • Library Management
  • E-book format conversion
  • Syncing to e-book reader devices
  • Downloading news from the web and converting it into e-book form
  • Comprehensive e-book viewer
  • Content server for online access to your book collection

Calibre' s one of the best features is that when you add an e-book from your disk to the archieve, it can automatically download the metada (writer name, publisher name, publish date, category of the book..etc) and cover image of the book.

Calibre - Screenshot (1)

To help calibre download the right metada and cover for your book, you can right click on your book name pick "Enter metadata individually" and enter the ISBN number of the book (If you could not find the ISBN no of the book, search your book at Amazon or any bookstore, there you will find the ISBN no.), then click on "Download metada and cover" so it will download the right infos (metadata).

Calibre - Screenshot (2)

Calibre supports many languages and Operating Systems including Windows, Linux, MacOS. You can visit Calibre's official website to get more information and download it. It is the best option to handle with e-book management and archiving.


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