"The Appeal"

Yet another chapter from my storial poetry serie, The Darkness and the Rose; "Shadows, My Confidant". I hope I can translate more soon.. As I mentioned before, those were written in Turkish. So taking time to translate.. Part 3, Chapter 4..

The Darkness and the Rose
"Shadows, My Confidant"
   Part III : Shadows, My Confidant
      Chapter 4 : The Appeal

The Appeal

In the "Red Dawn",the Hell that rises,
The seven headed sorrow jails in blazes.
Complaint is the hatret; An echo in darkness,
Becomes your confidant; Just the Shadows, in the deepness..

The Mother Shadow,
The hope of the silent screams, you are the salvation.
Your slavery is the bottemless well, deeper more deeper..
The appeals never end are the spirit affliction..
Struggling is scant, this sleep is the nightmare forever..

Fall, 2009.

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