Ubuntu Busybox related problems during Ubuntu Setup

If you take a look at setup problems at Ubuntu community forums, you can see that most of them are with  Busybox related problems (dropping to busybox screen after booting with Ubuntu setup cd/dvd/flash disk.)

I had a similar problem with Ubuntu 11.04 install (both with Wubi and direct install) and most of the solution advices at Ubuntu forums were about real different techniques or subjects far away to the exact solution. Actually it has a real simple reason and solution.

We love Ubuntu !

Well, after booting with Ubuntu live setup media if the screen gets dropped to black busybox screen and you get busybox "cannot mount dev/loop0 error or any similar warnings here is the exact solution.

First of all this has a reason different than you have been thinking ; A wrong or corrupted download of Ubuntu install iso causing this problem ! Re-download and burn your iso file.

While downloading Ubuntu isos or any other isos, I advice you to check MD5 calculations and hash values. Make MD5 calculation of your downloaded iso with a real simple software called HowTOMD5SUM, then compare with original Ubuntu iso hash values at UbuntuHashes web page. So you can be sure your iso is corrupted or not. 

Actually better and healthier way to download iso files is downloading at Torrent peers. Because Torrent softwares already make the hash-check of the downloaded data after downloading, itself.

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