The Fallen

Yet another chapter from my storial poetry serie, The Darkness and the Rose; "Shadows, My Confidant". I hope I can translate more soon.. As I mentioned before, those were written in Turkish. So taking time to translate.. Part I, Chapter I..

The Darkness and the Rose
"Shadows, My Confidant"
   Part I: The Fallen
      Chapter I : The Fallen

Basically to simplify : The story of borning sinned; we were all angels and then we have gone sinned. So it refers to our birth. We borned with sins, as sinners (the fallens). But this poem more than religious identity parallelizing the period of betrayal to "love" with religious backgrounds. 

The Fallen

We were a life of light (formed by the holly light) aureola in the infinite,
In asceticism (1) surrendered to the Compassionate (2),
Whilst reaching the verâ (3) from a gleam of taqwa (4),
We would be fed with the divinity, get enlightened by the sky wing-beating.

Whilst the day downed (the doom day of the angels) and the "sin" felt on the heart of clergy,
By each drops of the tears, sufferings rained on the spirits.
Our wings got ember-fired,
One by one, we felt onto the earth,
Since we have soil-foots,
Uncureable outcries, re a silent echo in the universe.
Patience ! But hard to stand careless,
The destiny put the head on the ruined,
Ex-angel mortals (the fallens), lonely and desolated,
Crying.. By opening hands to the "Curative" (5)..

Fall, 2007.

(1) Asceticism (Zuhd) : describes a lifestyle characterized by abstinence from various sorts of worldly pleasures often with the aim of pursuing religious and spiritual goals.
(2) Compassionate: The one with the endless mercifulness. To simplify it refers the God. (check wikipedia for more information)
(3) Taqwa : The root meaning of taqwa is to avoid what one dislikes.
(4) Verâ : Staying far away than the banned ones and desires.
(5) Curative : The one who can cure everything. To simplify it refers the God. (check wikipedia for more information)
(6) To simplify : Taqwa - Verâ and Zuhd is the triple steps of being saint (holly blessing..etc). So first level to reach is taqwa, than verâ and finally zuhd.

* I simply described. You may check for wikipedia to get more detailed and deeper information.

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