Sexy Gift for Putin's Birthday

Today, October 7 is Vladimir Putin -the current Prime Minister of Russia- 's birthday. And as Nashi Spokesperson Kristing Potupchik shared in his blog, he received a real unusual (strange) gift from the patriotic fans who are several female students of Moscow State University's Department of Journalism;

Twelve soon-to-be journalists in sexy lingerie posed for a calendar entitled "Happy Birthday, Mr. Putin!" Next to their smiling photos were put slogans like "How About a Third Time?", "Who Else If Not You?", "You Are Only Getting Better with Years" etc. Names of the girls and their department were mentioned at every page.
All those girls seem so proud of the Gift, they prepared for their beloved presidents. What makes the situation more strange is that the girls who get naked and prepare a lingerie calendar, are studying (even closer to graduation) in one of the most respected universities and departments of the world. When they graduate and start working in newspapers, media..etc as journalists, God knows what kind of objectivity of journalism principle they are going to carry  /or can have. Well I guess the point is "Who cares ? Hot and Attractive" (lol) . Personally I think that Putin as a leader who moved Russia further, deserves praises but to be honest this calendar story is strange enough.

Says"Vladimir Vladimirovich, I Love You!" 

No doubt, Putin was the name who revived the dead country after Cold War. Today, Russia is a power as stronger as before and Putin has the most important role in this success. In 2007, Times Magazine honored him as "Man of the Year" .And it is not surprising that he has the most of Russia as his fanatic supporters -ready to get naked and prepare sexy calendars -, behind. 

But also, as a man with 'The Hammer' in his hands,  Putin has tough opponents as well. That is why as soon as the news of  the sexy calendar story appeared,  another calendar was published on the Web

Six different Zhurfak girls posed for it in black business suits, their faces thoughtful and serious, and their mouths shut and covered with scotch tape, symbolizing the lack of freedom of speech in Russia. 

Says ;  "Is Freedom of Assembly Always and Everywhere?"

 I think first calendar was just a smart action of some girls who want to get some attention/ popularity and guarantee their future jobs in Russia where it is very hard to find a proper job nowadays. But as a result, it is pretty clear that they achieved to create an hotter calendar than famous Pirelli Calendars (lol) and taken a world wide attention. I am sure Mr. President is happy enough with that calendar.

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