Roma Surrectrum - 2 (RTW)

Once upon a time, there was a dream called "Rome" ..

Rome Total War is one of the legendary games I have ever played in my life, as a Total War and Roman History fan. Although years passed after the game released, still lots of gamers never gave up playing the cult strategy game.

RTW is much more than a strategy game, it is a flag to rise the soul of Rome !

It has been a few months i deleted the RTW game from my PC after years of playing. While waiting for an upcoming RTW-2 game -news- from Total War team and Creative Assembly, we have just passed the time with unsatisfying games like Empire TW, Napoleon TW and Shogun 2 TW (I keep the Medieval TW series out of the list -eh ! -) .  Even I can understand bringing ETW and NTW up but dunno what was so special with reviving Shogun TW. Still thousands of RTW fans waiting for any upcoming RTW-2 game news and they share their desires in forums, groups..etc 

Roma Surrectrum is the best mod ever made for RTW

Fortunately, Roma Surrectrum - the best mod ever made for RTW- developers brought up the Roma Surrectrum-2 Mod on August, 2010. RS-2 is definately more than a mod, it is just a new game itself as a mod re-building the game totally and changing everything including graphics, resolutions, AI, story..etc

Despite the fact that many people were saying Rome: Total War was dead during our developement of Roma Surrectum I and its later versions, and suggesting that we move on to the then-new Medieval 2: Total War, Roma Surrectum I became a very popular mod with a lot of popular interest. So, we as a team decided to work on a 'complete' overhaul of Rome: Total War and call it Roma Surrectum II. At the time, I don't think any of us had any idea of what this would involve, or how much of our time and lives it would consume. But we became more and more immersed in the project, learned along the way what we could and could not do, and realized that Rome: Total War still had a lot of potential to be an outstanding experience for fans of this time period. 

Even If, Total War team would have released an expansion pack for RTW, it could not be as satisfying as RS-2. I definately recommend all RTW fans to install RTW again and download RS-2 mod immediately. 

You should definately try Roma Surrectrum-2 !

Of course, we are not going to stay calmer; TW Team and Creative Assembly has to rise the flag of Rome Total War soon !

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