Microsoft Sam singing : "Windows XP, Fat but Sexy !"

This morning while making a search about Microsoft Speech API/ Speech Articulation Modules, I came up with this hilarious video. Microsoft' s cool voice Sam, singing such a "deep" song about Windows XP !

Microsoft Sam is the default text-to-speech male voice in Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Though not the default, Microsoft Sam is available in Windows Vista Home Premium. It is used by Narrator, the screen reader program built into the operating system.

                                                          Microsoft Sam - Windows XP

You can meet Sam in your PC by Start > Run > narrator.exe or Control Panel > Speech tab . Do not miss this great work. Here it is : "Windows XP, Fat but Sexy !" ;

And yet another one : Microsoft Sam singing Rap :
(haha I loved this one too)

Okay, this is the last one ; Microsoft Sam takes Microsoft Anna out on a date, but things don't go so well...

* You can find more funny Sam videos at Youtube, just search it.

Reference about MS Speech API :
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