Java for Beginners; Another Book Recommendation

I talked about the criterias of picking the right programming book  in my previous post and I recommended a C# book. You can check my previous post for more. Here I am going to recommend another book - for people who seek for a beginner level Java book -without touching on those criterias.

For a long while, I have been walking through the borders of .NET in my software engineering career. And I have to confess; It was a mistake to stay away from Java and C/C++ in a long term period. Last month, I wanted to revise and refresh my Java knowledge. Although, I usually follow up the news in Java World, I realised I forgat some basics of Java - although it is so similar to C# as an Object Oriented Programming Language. So I wanted to start revising my Java skills by starting to read a Java beginner book. Never trust how much you know, if you think you forgat some basics about any kind of engineering topic always re-start walking from the beginner line. That is what I always beleive.

As you know O' Reilly Media is so popular/ and respected with their technology books. Especially, " in a nutshell", "cookbook" series are so popular and we often see those series in "best seller" categories in bookstores. While I were seeking for a Java-for-beginners book, I came up with "Head First Java" result in lots of forums, book stores.etc  "Head First" books are new series of O' Reilly, they have started publish Head First series a while ago and you can see "Head First" sets as best-seller books in popular books stores as Amazon.  Head First sets are created with totally different and unusual educating methods for technology books. 

The Head First series stresses a reader-involving combination of puzzles, jokes, nonstandard design and layout, and an engaging, conversational style to immerse the reader in a given topic.
Head First Labs is the official web site for the series, with a forum for each book, code downloads, and sample chapters.

To be honest, I did not take it serious first. But all positive comments and five-star-ratings I saw about those sets made me give a chance to "Head First Java". When I started reading the book, I were totally impressed by it. Especially, abstraction power in the language of the book/  and examples,  and the book  format/ template are so effective to make you get the basics cavalierly.  I completed reading it in sooner time. I can definatelly recommend that book to all Java Beginners  who seek for the right book. Also people who want to revise their Java knowledge like me, should get this book as well. At the moment it costs around 30$ at Amazon.

Head First Java is a great book for beginners

I think I am going to talk about Head First series more in my blog, cause after reading Java book I got some other Head First books too. At the moment, I follow up the chapters of "Thinking In Java" and "Effective Java " books which are total reference books for all kind of Java developers. Soon, I will post some posts and talk about my personal reviews of those books.

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