Google Chrome Free Music Player, is not free for a long while, you have to pay 3 euros per month for full membership. As a member, I have been using it just for scrobbing, archieving the songs I listen to and getting information about songs, singers, albums..etc since they have brought the paid membership for listening to songs on But the new music player add-on for Google Chrome has changed the situation.

First of all I want to tell what is, for the readers who have not met with it yet; is an Internet radio site for streaming music, founded in the United Kingdom in 2002. It has claimed over 40 million active users based in more than 200 countries. On 30 May 2007, CBS Interactive acquired for £140m ($280m USD).
Using a music recommender system called "Audioscrobbler", builds a detailed profile of each user's musical taste by recording details of the songs the user listens to, either from Internet radio stations, or the user's computer or many portable music devices. This information is transferred to's database ("scrobbled") either via the music player itself (Spotify, Amarok) or via a plugin installed into the user's music player. The profile data is then displayed on the user's profile page. The site offers numerous social networking features and can recommend and play artists similar to the user's favourites. [Wikipedia]

 Google Chrome, Free Music Player

This Google Chrome add-on, music player brings great advantages ;

Unlimited free playing of songs on without paid membership (the best feature),
Ability to search the songs in different online music resources,
Scrobbing the songs you listen into your profile.

Google Chrome Free Music Player

I highly recommend you to install this great Google Chrome add-on. You can install it here.

After installing it, log-in to your profile and choose the music list you want to listen. Then click on the Play icon of the first song in the list. music player is going to play it automatically and shuffle all songs in the list.

Check the settings of the add-on and activate the features for scrobbing the songs into your profile and searching the songs in different music resources.

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