Altitude (2010)

After a mysterious malfunction sends their small plane climbing out of control, a rookie pilot and her four teenage friends find themselves trapped in a deadly showdown with a supernatural force.
I decided to watch an horror movie last night and picked that randomly again. Nowadays, I pick random movies.. I was expecting to see a second class, television movie level, waste-of-time movie..


Well, I was not so wrong actually; A few teenagers, horror, typical Hollywood cliche, bad acting level..etc I hate these kind of movies basically but i decided to pick that just to kill some time and I was bored.. But this movie is really watchable. It has an original story and interestingly you do not get bored while watching. It is similar to "Butterfly Effect" abit. Horror side of the movie is not so good but also not so bad. And the plane scenes are really good.

Young actress Jessica Lowndes prooves her potential in this movie. I have hopes about her for the future. Well, her acting is not so good but at least really better than others in the movie. And really pretty girl. She reminds me of Lost' s Kate (Evangeline Lilly).

Altitude Trailer

If you want to kill some time, I can recommend you to watch this movie without expectations. At least I did not get bored while watching. My personal rating for the movie is : 4.5/10

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