The Oath

A chapter from my storial poetry serie, The Darkness and the Rose; "Shadows, My Confidant". I hope I can translate more soon.. Those were written in Turkish. So taking time to translate..

The Darkness and the Rose
"Shadows, My Confidant"

The Oath

Darkness is the soil upon me,
Poverty my shroud, prays with the shadows.
Illimunation is the unaudiable appeal,
The pleasure, the hope without any reason..

My soul rearing up as a stallion whilst the pleasure hits,
Cascades like a river, becomes a shriek and my contradiction speaks;
Open the gates through the armageddon !
Tonight is the endless catastrophe..
Oh open the gates through the armageddon !
I swear.. I am gonna forgive the "love"..
Oh open the gates through the armageddon !
My oath; I am gonna reach the Heaven,
By riding on ten thousand shadows !

Fall, 2008.

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