The Lost (2009)

 "The Lost" takes a more dramatic turn being a psychological thriller that turns on a American psychologist (Assante) turned bestselling writer who is forced to return to Barcelona to settleold scores. Meyer plays a past patient's sister. 
I watched this movie yesterday night. Yet another movie picked by me randomly before going to bed, lol. Actually I was expecting to see a film with "science vs paranormal beleives" theme. But I was wrong. I am disappointed abit. I would expect much better from a movie that has the names as Armand Assante, Dina Mayer and Lacey Chabert .Actually The Lost is not a bad movie and it has an original storyline. But it could be better..

The Lost

If you like movies with physcology themes and if you love spending some time at nights while watching horror/ or mysterious movies, I can advice you to watch this movie.

The Lost Trailer

My Personal Rating for the movie is : 4.5/10


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