Cell phone in 1928 Charlie Chaplin movie ??

A watcher realised an old woman walking and talking on a cellphone in 1928 maden, The Circus movie of Charlie Chaplin. This situation became an hit talk of discussion forums in USA and spreading world-wide. A time traveler (sure, lol) or a clear future vision or fake/ or yet another viral marketing trick ?

On the 25th anniversary of the Back to the Future story, it’s fitting that we finally have visual evidence time travel will eventually be possible. Not really of course, but there’s a video going around, mostly thanks to Roger Ebert, of footage from the DVD extras of Charlie Chaplin’s 1928 film The Circus, which appears to show a woman walking and talking on a cell phone. Is this person, walking around Hollywood in 1928, a time traveler? Hit the jump for the video and wild discussion.
The Circus

Pretty interesting actually, because that woman really seems like she is talking on a cellphone. Maybe an old portable radio that works with a battery but no one talks with a radio, lol. Another idea is ; maybe she was singing a song that she hears.. But there was little portable hand radios in 1920s ? I do not think so.. Still that really looks like a cellphone..

Watch the video and decide yourself ;

The woman talking on a cellphone


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