Avira Antivirus 3 Months Free Licence

I have never paid for an antivirus+firewall solution for 3.5 years. No, I do not have a freeware antivirus pack, I have been using Avira Antivirus Premium Security Suite pack which costs 25 € per year. And well, I do not crack (use in an illegal way) it neither,  I use it in a legal way.

Let' s talk about Avira some before going deeper into the topic.

Avira is a popular German antivirus software company

Avira is one of the biggest antivirus software companies of the world. And Avira Antivirus packs are in top three antivirus solutions  (Avira, Kaspersky, Nod32) for home PCs at the market. The most important advantage of Avira according to other alternatives is that it does not suck your system resources or freeze your computer as other products. Also it has a real fast update-service, includes a real safe firewall service. And bringing antispyware/ malware, rootkit, web, e-mail protections and much more. Avira has a few products, the one I use is Premimum Security Suite pack which has these features ;
(* It is a full pack as you can understand by its name)

Advantages of Avira Antivirus Premium Security Suite

* You can check the web page of the product for more :  http://www.avira.com/en/for-home-avira-premium-security-suite

So why free ?

Avira is a company which often fires up special product promotions including free licence sharing (1 - 3- 6 months of licences usually) and special discounts. And they usually bring their promotion campaigns in partnership of  pc magazines, some internet websites, companies or Avira itself. And it is so easy to catch those promotions.

How to catch a promotion ?

God bless the Google ! Just google it whenever you need a licence. That is how I use it free for 3.5 years. Here you do not need to google or search, I am going to share a licence promotion with you.

Step by Step

1. Visit the Avira Online License Page, where the promotion is held.
2. Fill out the online form. The information can be anything but the e-mail must be valid.
3. Press the ‘Request Your License Key’ button after you complete the form.
4. Avira will send a 3-month license key to your mail (remember to check your junk inbox).
5. Download Avira Premium Security Suite, install and apply the license key.

*Get your licence before the promotion ends. 

Reference of Antivirus Comparisions and Reviews : 

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